Heavens Gateway Ministries, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization established 9 years ago, South of Atlanta in Jonesboro GA. We operate a Food Pantry and a Clothes closet that currently serves over 100 low-income and unemployed families, disable, veterans and senior citizens weekly. HGM currently serves South Atlanta, Clayton, Fayetteville, McDonough and Fulton County. Through our Food Pantry we provide perishable and non-perishable food items, hygiene supply, household disinfected products, diapers, wipes and more to the families and individuals we serve. Clothes, shoes and other wearable items for all age groups are distributed from our clothes closet.

This organization also host a back to school give-away every Summer, distributing clothes, backpacks and school supplies to school age children. In December HGM also host a Christmas evening of fun, where children and there parents comes to our facility and enjoy an evening of fun taking pictures with Santa Clause and receive toys. Because of the great needs to be met and the inability of some families and individuals who are home-bound to travel, HGM as made it accessible to be served them through their home delivery service.

As a mission driven organisation, we also impact the lives of those who are misplaced in Downtown Atlanta through our hot meals clothes and hygiene kits distribution to over 250 families and individuals. This is our mission and we work hard to fulfill it by the grace of God who strengthens us.